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About Us

The beginnings

Our history

Bodegas F. Rubio is a winery founded by Francisco Rubio, where all the family participates with enthusiasm and joy.

A wine-making business located in El Ejido, El porvenir, in Valle de Guadalupe, with its own vineyards and idilic geographical conditions for the growth of the grape varieties used in the crafting of our wines.

The water that feeds our grapevines originates from the mountains that protect our valley. Its natural filtration system, a result of the trip is makes until the vineyard, eliminates undesired particles and ensures an extraordinary quality. All this allows for our winery to produce wines of great quality.

Our effort and dedication, hand in hand with the thorough work done by our oenologist Alberto Rubio, without any doubt has produced good outcomes: elegant Mexican wines, wines from Baja California produced with fine European varieties that have decided to root in our land.

Bodegas F. Rubio

Get to know our vineyard

A family project, in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe.

At Bodegas F. Rubio we create the flavor of our wines from the vineyard: our grapes are born from this unique land and they mature in the generous Valle de Guadalupe until turning into solid, original and personal wines. This process is the result of the perfect balance amongst the varieties that we grow here.

Our region’s privileged geographical location, with one of the best microclimates for Crianza wines, allows for a suitable phenolic maturity, achieving a perfect balance between sugar-acidity-scent-structure.

Also, we have a cutting-edge technology that allows our oenologist Alberto Rubio to pay profound attention to every single step in the productive process, from wine-growing to bottling while allowing for the creation of elegant, balanced, specialized and limited production wines.

We base our philosophy in a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, through which we marry the care-taking of the land with the latest technology.

Get to Know Our Restaurant

Our team

Passionate and commited with quality

Know our family members first-hand and the team involved in the development of our winery.

Francisco Rubio C.

Founder of Bodegas F. Rubio

He acquired land in the Valle de Guadalupe as his last life project, with the purpose of building a country house. By chance, the space that he originally envisioned as a site for recreational and rest purposes, initially became a small vineyard; later on it became the restaurant it is today. By the way, the country house building plan is still on...

Francisco Rubio R.

Commercial Director

He is in charge of the marketing and distribution of our wines. A lawyer by profession, but passionate about wine, he works hand in hand with his brother Alexandro to design the pairing experiences offered to visitors to the winery.

Alexandro Rubio R.

Director of Food & Beverages

He is the youngest of all siblings and also the Chef of the restaurant located in the vineyard. A sports fan, a lover of barbecues and family gatherings; a taste that undoubtedly carries over to his kitchen with family-style dishes: The perfect excuse to gather family and friends.

Jessica Rubio

Administrative Director

She leads the administration and integration between the different areas of the family enterprise, going from the vineyard fields, to the wine making and the restaurant.

Alberto Rubio

Our Winemaker

He is the cousin of Francisco Rubio C. (Founder & Producer) and leads the oenology of Bodegas F. Rubio since the founding of the winery. With 13 years of experience, he has collaborated on several projects in Valle de Guadalupe. He is the founder of Fluxus, Ink Whale and Four Girls.

Leobardo Terán

Our Agronomist

Phytotechnician Agronomist, with 12 years of experience in the field of viticulture. He provides his technical advising to Bodegas F. Rubio and other wine enterprises in Ensenada. His main activity focuses on fortifing the vineyards with high quality nutrients, without putting at risk the environment by following the best practices.